Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the difference between a building inspection and a pest inspection?

A: A building inspection is done to ensure that a building does not have any structural damage or even issues that could significantly affect the property and cost you money in future. It however doesn’t report back on the weathering and wear and tear of the property.

Pest inspections are carried out to examine the property for clues on timber pest, as well as assessing the damage caused by pests.

Getting both of these inspections is very important if you are purchasing a property. Structural or pest problems can come about irrespective of the age of the building.

Q: When are Building Inspections required?

A: Building inspections are important prior to the purchase of a property. It gives you the peace of mind that the property you are buying does not have any structural faults that might undermine your investment in future. It ensures that there won’t be any nasty or unexpected surprises once you buy the property. Although you will pay for the service, it is totally worth it.

Q: Can I be present during the inspection?

A: You are welcome to be present during an inspection. From experience however, we know that for us to communicate with our clients in the best possible way, they need to first read a written report. This way, all the relevant information will be communicated fully to you before you make any decision regarding to the property.

Inspectors are best left to work undistracted. For purely safety reasons, make sure children and pests are kept away during the inspection.

Q: How quick can you do the inspection?

A: How quickly an inspection is done depends on many things like the age of the property, its size and the problems encountered. However, a standard 3-bedroom one-story house can take 2-3 hours.

Q: Do you use thermal Imaging?

A: We use thermal imaging to detect air leakage and thermal defects in building envelopes. A thermal is just a visual display of temperature. A thermal image will reveal if parts of floors, ceiling doors walls or windows have different temperatures.

Q: How long does it take to get my reports?

A: Usually, we will email the reports on the same day we do an inspection. In busy periods it may be the next working day. If you need your report urgently please advise when you make your booking.

Q: Are your inspectors licensed and insured?

A: Our inspectors is fully licensed and insured. They are also covered by public liability insurance. Feel free to ask your inspector about his credentials and insurance cover.

Q: What do building inspections cost?

A: The answer is no. In fact, it can be very expensive not to get a building inspection. With inspection, you are sure of what you are buying into. Without it, you cannot be so sure.

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